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Lovely Roger, Meter Maid?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

SCANDAL!! The small town of Speedway, Indiana is so starved for news that they're reporting on one of their meter maids, who apparently posed nude in a calendar some 14 years ago when he was a mere 19 years old.

An anonymous tipster emailed the photos to city officials. "I'm only trying to do my part to help the city," she told us on condition of anonymity. "If we let this slide, who knows whats next. Cops with earrings, or worse, tattoos?" She did not, however, say why she was looking at nudie pics in the first place.

Mr. M. Barassed, the meter maid in question, did not reply to calls made at his residence, but has issued a statement. It reads, "This incident happened back when I was a young stud, full of dreams. Look at me now; I'm a 33 year old meter maid for cripe's sake! What dignity can you take away from me?"

*Okay, so the name & quotes are made up, but the story's not. You can check it out here.*