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Once upon a time, I was in a video store with my then boyfriend trying to pick out a movie to watch. I picked up John Carpenter's Vampires, and proceeded to tell the boy about the coolest scene in the movie, where a guy uses his hot-from-being-fired gun to cauterize a wound he received. Said boyfriend looks at me, shakes his head, and says, "You're not like other girls, Betty."

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Inaugural FOAD

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I'm not much for regular features on a blog, but I have to say that "Fuck Off and Die Thursday" is something I could really get into.

I know I've been talking a lot about animals lately, and I'm going to continue the trend with my Fuck off and Die post.

Without any further ado, fuck off and die country superstar Troy Gentry. How dare you purchase a tame bear so you can stick it full of arrows, videotape it, and then edit the tape to make yourself look like a big-shot hunter? I personally think you should be stuck in a cage and shot full of arrows yourself. Maybe then we could videotape it and make the tape look like we tracked you, a la "The Most Dangerous Game." Eh, it's been done.