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Once upon a time, I was in a video store with my then boyfriend trying to pick out a movie to watch. I picked up John Carpenter's Vampires, and proceeded to tell the boy about the coolest scene in the movie, where a guy uses his hot-from-being-fired gun to cauterize a wound he received. Said boyfriend looks at me, shakes his head, and says, "You're not like other girls, Betty."

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These are the Things I Ponder O'er the Weekend

Monday, January 29, 2007

A few things I want to talk about, none of which are long enough for an exclusive post:

  1. Bean takes after us so much. Driving to dinner Friday night, I popped in a Suicide Machines CD, and the first thing she yells is, "Louder!" I'm gonna' be in such big trouble when she's 14.
  2. Watching a movie this weekend on TV, I thought it odd that the FCC allows the phrase "tap that ass" to air on network television, but not the word "tits." Does anyone else think that's odd?
  3. It's been 9 months since our wedding, and our photographer still has not gotten our pictures to us. Somehow I doubt there would have been this many delays had we not paid up front. It's getting sooo frustrating.
  4. This is one of the weirdest things I've heard lately. How many off-the-cuff jokes can we come up with involving sausuge?
  5. Along the same lines, Purity Balls are creepy little gatherings where girls pledge their virginity to their fathers. I get the meaning behind it, but surely there's a better way to accomplish the same means than host a lavish, wedding-like reception where everyone gets to witness your father vowing to "war for (your) purity."
  6. Everything in my city has been Colts and Superbowl -centric for the past week. I can understand it for the most part; I mean, it is pretty exciting. I don't know if it's take-up-20-minutes-of-the-30-minute-nightly-newscast exciting, but it is exciting nonetheless. I saw Colts bandwagonry jump to the next level this morning, however. As I was stuck in a horrible traffic jam, I realized that the box truck in front of me had the Colts' horseshoe and the words "Go Blue" scratched out of the dirt on it! Now that's a fan.

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