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Once upon a time, I was in a video store with my then boyfriend trying to pick out a movie to watch. I picked up John Carpenter's Vampires, and proceeded to tell the boy about the coolest scene in the movie, where a guy uses his hot-from-being-fired gun to cauterize a wound he received. Said boyfriend looks at me, shakes his head, and says, "You're not like other girls, Betty."

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My TV viewing has changed dramatically since Daisy came along. I'm up at odd hours that I never used to be up, so I'm catching reruns of shows I've never watched before, watching all kinds of phone sex commercials (I'm sorry, "dating service" commercials), and finding all manner of fantastic products that I don't know how I'm living without. One advertisement I saw last night really knocked my socks off, though. Not even an infomercial, just a regular 60 second commercial for mascara. What really blew me away was the fact that they were advertising how quickly and effortlessly it was to apply the mascara, and it showed a woman applying it in her car at a stoplight, then go zooming past the woman in the next car who was trying to apply clumpy "other" mascara. Like the idiot prima donnas need another reason to think it's okay to put on make-up while they're driving! I guess I can just be thankful that they didn't have her talking on her cell phone and eating, too.

I've also been catching reruns of Sex & The City. I don't know why that show was popular enough that people are yelling for a movie version. I think Sarah Jessica Parker's character is a petulant cry-baby. I just like seeing how she does her hair. SJP has fantastic hair. Then again, I bet fans of that show didn't understand why fans of Firefly were in such an uproar, either.