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Once upon a time, I was in a video store with my then boyfriend trying to pick out a movie to watch. I picked up John Carpenter's Vampires, and proceeded to tell the boy about the coolest scene in the movie, where a guy uses his hot-from-being-fired gun to cauterize a wound he received. Said boyfriend looks at me, shakes his head, and says, "You're not like other girls, Betty."

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just Like Tijuana:

I have been given the

badge by Queen of Dysfunction. Thank you so much! I'd like to pass it on to Cool Beans Mama, Hedy DeVine, Mel, and Amorous Rocker.

(And if you're confused about the Tijuana reference, well, too bad.)

Nursing is Good For the Body:

I'm pretty happy with the fact that I'm built like a woman, rather than like a teen boy. (Read: I have curves.) Things are being taken a bit to the extreme at this point, however. I'm normally a size 8, roundabouts. I recently bought a swimsuit and had to get a size 16 top to cover my assets.

Also, I know people are militant about parenting styles and techniques, but if I have one more person try to tell me the "best way" to breastfeed, I'm going to snap. I'll pick what's best for me and my baby, thank you. That goes for Jay, too. When he has boobs and the ability to lactate, then I'll listen to his opinion.


At Wal-Mart, near the inflatable swimming pools, 3 girls, about 19-ish, are talking. One says, "What are we filling it with again?" The other two answer in unison, "Jello!" I about died, but it was even worse when we ran into them again in the baking aisle, where they were buying...yep, you guessed it.


I finally got the meme where you have to list 7 odd things about yourself. Let's see...

  1. I love dipping french fries into chocolate ice cream. Delicious.
  2. My entire life, I've been made fun of for the way I say "color." I can't hear any difference between color and collar. *shrug*
  3. When I was little, my cousin convinced me that when you became an adult, you switched genders. I was so depressed that I was going to be a man, but I did look forward to the ability to go shirtless.
  4. There are several pop culture references that I only get because they've been spoofed on "The Simpsons." I can quote most episodes of that show.
  5. I have always, always wanted a nickname. Never had one. I think it's because my name is already really short.
  6. I'm 1/16th Blackfoot Indian. And all I get is a really high forehead; I'm still stuck with the easily burnt, freckled skin of my Irish ancestors.
  7. I've never had a cavity. I should probably go knock on wood now.

I'm gonna' be a jerk and not tag anybody else. I never know who's okay with being tagged or not.